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Online Business Management
for established biz mums


 Let’s be honest – running an online business alone is tough

Are you a super mum trying to run your online business around your family?

It’s a tough gig. But you’ve managed it well-enough to establish your business.

You’ve kicked off your business. You’re securing more leads, winning more jobs and landing more clients. It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it? You’ve made it and your family is still alive!

You’ve looked into the possibility of cloning yourself as you need another you, but when you find it’s only been successful in sheep, you decide you don’t want to be a sheep. Seriously, who’d want to be a sheep? You’re unique.

And that’s where I come in.

As an certified online business manager, I’ll be the gatekeeper of your vision.  I work with creatives who managing projects, launches, systems, teams and metrics. I act as the glue keeping your business bits together. I know what it takes to run an online business (heck, I’m running my own!) and what’s involved.

So, if you’ve established your business and you’re at the point where you need a hand to get stuff done, let’s connect. I won’t be your exact clone, but I’ll be pretty close to it.

Your family will love it when you stop working nights…and so will you!

Yasmin Johnstone, Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, Social Media Manager Brisbane NSW Australia

Hi, I’m Yasmin

Certified Online business manager 

Apart from being an online business manager, I’m a busy working mum just like you. I work hard during the day to run business back ends, implement all the bits and run teams of virtual assistants for business owners. Come night; there’s nothing better than pizza and beer after a hard workout!

After a rather long haul in the corporate world (over 20 years), I started my online biz in 2018. I now work with service-based micro and small business owners, merging into their business and treating it with the love and respect it deserves. Working together, we get it done, smashing your goals and making this business gig as enjoyable as a walk on the beach.

What do you need help with?

Online Business Management

It’s time you get another ‘you’ in your business; someone who’ll take care of all the bits you don’t love, who’ll manage your contractor crew, and who’ll help you get your business gig smashing bigger goals than doing it alone.

She took the reigns when I needed to step back.

Yasmin managed my contractors; website builds, social media scheduling, SEO services and advertising campaigns. She provided client support and even implemented new processes to improve the business’ efficiency. Yasmin is an asset to any business.

Shell Trimble | Poppy Seed Media

Having someone who understands my business was a huge relief.

Wow, what a difference Yasmin has made. I’ve been able to hand over my admin, processes and website projects to take a load off my plate. Yasmin also does my Facebook management, and my page is finally active and growing. I love talking through ideas with her to gain another perspective and not feel so alone.

Gaye Nilson | Simply Savvy Web

I was able to leave it in Yasmin’s capable hands.

I had a large task to do and no time to do it myself, being a small business owner. I left it to Yasmin while I was away and was sent daily updates with how much had been done. I would recommend Pepper Potts Virtual Angel to anyone in business who needs a helping hand.

Angela Pidgeon | Zing Massage Therapy

I’m finally getting all the things that I was going to do!

I can’t believe how much of a difference Yasmin has made to my business. I felt more in control and organised. Pepper Potts Virtual Angel is always on time and conducts themselves in a professional manner. Yasmin’s social media and marketing knowledge have helped me increase traffic to my pages and website. Don’t know where my business would be without her now.

Kim Treuer | The Colour Shak

I’m so thankful for the difference you have made in my business.

Your knowledge of team management and your level of organisation has been a breath of fresh air. You’re definitely a virtual angel, thank you!

Karina Follent | Pro-Assist Virtual Administration

I was recommended Yasmin by a friend recently and engaged her for a small project for an upcoming event.

Yasmin took details of our event and produced a design to fit perfectly.

Yasmin was so easy to deal with and got the design done within a few hours.

Will definitely be using her again and recommend her work to anyone who needs some assistance in this area.

Thanks again Yasmin

Leanne Bolger | LeTorias

Virtually Yours proud member
Certified OBM - Yasmin Johnstone
Virtually Yours Reference Checked

Are you ready to shake up this biz thing?

If you’re curious to learn more about how an online business manager & social media marketer will rock your business world, get in touch!

Yasmin Johnstone

Certified Online Business Manager
Brisbane QLD Australia

+61 0407 723 080