What is an OBM?

A great OBM focuses on the management of your business offsite. We work virtually from our own office using our own equipment and software to keep the wheels of your business turning, managing the day-to-day activities for you so you can reclaim your time and redirect it back into only what YOU do best. We manage all the bits and pieces that make up your business such as: projects, staff, operation, expenses and more!

Do you need an Online Business Manager?

If you answer ‘yes’ to the following questions, then working with an OBM is the ideal solution to your problems.

  • Are you a tradie, consultant or other small business owner struggling to meet deadlines?
  • Overwhelmed with paperwork?
  • Lacking computer skills?
  • Lacking web / social media skills and online marketing skills?
  • Don’t want to hire full time staff to do the admin-related work that needs to be done?

Is working with an OBM the right option for me?

This style of virtual engagement works well for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are established to the point that being the only one in charge is no longer sustainable. You could look at is as cloning yourself with the added benefit of working with an OBM that can bring her own business acumen and experience to your business.

OBMs love learning! It’s what sets us apart from our competitors. A great OBM will enhance your business by being up to date with technical and specialised skills, is process-driven and LOVES streamlining and investigating new ways to do things. We are proactive, highly organised and always thinking in a 360-degree view.

How does working together virtually work?

After an initial consultation and agreement that we are a good fit to work together, we start by researching the industry you work in, so we become experts in what you do. We become the extra  ‘wheel’ — a key player and vocal supporter for your business. Then we present solutions to your specific problems and take care of the ‘running’ of your business.

An OBM works with your business on a regular basis. We become fully invested in learning all about you and your business. This thirst for learning is key to our success as each client will do things differently, use different programs and have different goals. So, if we don’t know how to do a task, we learn it!

In addition, Pepper Potts Virtual Angel also offers Virtual Assistant services, so we don’t only offer to manage your business, we offer business administration support services as well.

How much do you charge? What are your fees?

Every customer’s needs are different, so we customise our quotations based on your specific requirements and provide solutions based on an hourly rate or tailored packages. Contact us today for a chat and we’d be happy to submit a quotation for our recommended solution ‘just for you’.