Online business management to help you regain control

Leave it with me and it magically gets done!


For years, you’ve kept your business ticking along, doing all the bits and pieces yourself.

It’s your baby, and you were raising it the way you wanted too. But it’s grown, and you’re now thinking, ‘Holy heck, what’s next?’.

That’s where an online business manager can help.

Different from a virtual assistant, an OBM becomes another you. They become more like a business partner who you trust with running your business.

As an OBM, I work alongside you, grab your ‘too hard basket’ and get the jobs done that you’ve been putting off due to lack of time or know-how. If you have a current team, I can manage them for you, making sure all tasks are completed without you needing to micromanage every little thing.

Or I can rely on my team to help out, tapping into their varying skillsets to ensure you’re getting the best of the best. And the beauty of using an OBM, you set and forget with a quick email to me, and I take care of it for you.

As your online business partner, I can help you with:

  • Planning your business direction as I’m so super organised and love plans
  • Looking at your processes with fresh eyes to see how we can do things better
  • Smashing your biz goals by doing all the things it takes to get there
  • Managing virtual teams with respect and sourcing the best of the best
  • Tackling tech, integrations and websites that aren’t your thing
  • All those everyday bits of business that have to get done
  • Managing your projects to keep them on track, so they get finished

Are you ready to work with an online business manager?

The million-dollar question! You may be thinking, am I really big enough for this, is it worth it, should I just keep doing it myself? I know that feeling.

But take a moment to think about how you’re traveling. Are you merely ‘doing business’, or are you madly in love with your business? If you’re at that point of business routine without doing much else, you need an OBM to inject some love.

Imagine being able to get back to focusing purely on the biz bits you love – your clients and business growth.

When you let go and partner with an OBM, you’ll find your business runs better without you holding things up! General admin gets done, your tech issues are sorted, your website is updated, and your socials are being social!

You’ll find you generate more business with less input as your partner in business crime is working as another you and loving your business.

Sound good?

The two sides of an online business manager

Business Admin

Let’s be honest, business admin is boring! But it’s got to be done right. Answering emails that fill up your inbox and never seem to stop coming in, posting on your social media sites and blogging (that you need for your SEO to keep rocking), responding to your clients quickly so they feel the love, coordinating appointments and calendars so you don’t double book, creating policies and procedures to get things done right and have everyone on the same page, creating PowerPoint presentations and related materials and so much more!

Phew! That was exhausting, and it’s only the tip of the business admin iceberg!  Chat to us about what zaps your energy, and we’ll get it done for you.

Project / Team Management

If you’re working on a project and just can’t seem to find the time to get it done, or you’re running a team but spend all day setting tasks, I can help. As a trained team leader in my ‘past life’, I know how to manage a team, keeping them on track with programs such as Asana. Don’t worry; you won’t have to be involved! You let me know what they are doing, and I’ll get to know each team member and take over assigning tasks for you. I can also help you finish those projects like website builds, course launches, content creation and more. Whatever is still sitting on your to-do list, we’ll get it ticked off together.

Let’s get this done together!

More than just getting all the businessy stuff done, I’m here to be your sounding board and biggest business cheerleader. I’ll champion your brand and help you smash those business goals out of the park.

Ready to start outsourcing all your business bits?

It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done!

Yasmin Johnstone

Certified Online Business Manager
Brisbane QLD Australia

+61 0407 723 080