Social Media Marketing that gets you noticed

Facebook and Instagram is what I do


Ah social media, the thing so many business owners cringe at

You know you need to be doing it, and doing it well, but the novelty’s worn off. You’d prefer to spend your time being social on your personal profiles with your mates than dreaming up social content for your biz.

Cue the social media marketer!

Creating content calendars and social media marketing strategies is the part I love about social media. Which is excellent, as it’s the side of social media most people want to outsource.

You want to get the most out of your social channels (I only focus on Facebook and Instagram), so I’ll help you create a goal. I’m a big believer in having a story behind what you’re posting. The big ‘why’ is this post relevant, and what will your clients get from it.

Ultimately, it’s about engagement, building relationships and making connections with people who may work with you.

As a social media marketer, I can help you with:

  • Planning your posts and content in advance
  • Seeing the purpose of your posts, making them relevant to your audience
  • Promoting any special offers you have
  • Creating campaigns and Facebook Ads
  • Keeping your business visible online
  • Creating images to use with your social posts and writing the captions

I encourage you to remain present and social online

I’m a big believer that social media should be a collaboration. As the business owner, you need to remain present online, answering comments and questions as only you can.

Your clients and customers come to you for you. They feel like they know you, and when they take the time to ‘chat’ online, they love to hear from you.

Doing things like posting your videos, Facebook lives and Instagram stories ads that personal touch that your audience love. They get to see the real you and you’re who they connect with and ultimately want to work with.

I am full of ideas and have the techy skills to create your content, but you’re the expert in the industry, and your opinion is what counts.

In the initial stages of working together, I encourage your input. I’ll soon come to know your language and style and can run with things on my own. You’ll see the content calendar and approve all posts, so you’ll know what’s coming up. Then I encourage you to log in occasionally to respond to your fans and give them some love. 

Sound good?

You can choose the level of social media support you need

Not quite what you’re after?

No worries! Let me know what you’d like managed, or if you’d like to supply ALL content, and I can tailor a quote to suit your needs.

Proven social media success

Redlands BaR Awards

I know that proof can sometimes be in the puddling. So, here’s my little story about how I helped a local hairdresser win ‘Best Hairdresser in Redlands’, two years running.

As one of my first clients, Kim has fast become a favourite. She’s a fantastic hairdresser and colour expert and runs The Colour Shak in Victoria Point. I started helping her with small admin bits in her business, before taking over her Instagram and Facebook marketing.

You’d know that like most awards; it comes down to the voting. So Kim came to me, asking me to use my skills at marketing to help promote her nomination and gain those votes.

We created a marketing campaign that worked. Not only the first year but the second year too! Now Kim has the honour of letting her clients know that they’re getting their hair beautified at ‘Redlands Best Hairdresser’!

Want greater social media success?

Of course you do! Doesn’t everyone?

Yasmin Johnstone

Online Business Manager
Social Media Marketer
Brisbane QLD Australia

+61 0407 723 080